Safe, secure & reliable

We’ve invested heavily to ensure your data is safe and available.

Safety & Security

Questions or security concerns? Email and we will respond promptly.

Trusted and proven physical security

Beanstalk is hosted with ServerCentral in the most sophisticated data center in the Midwest. As a Type 2 SSAE 16 SOC 1 accredited facility, it contains keycard protocols, biometric scanning protocols and round-the-clock surveillance. Only authorized data center personnel are granted access and undergo multiple and thorough background security checks.

Encryption & Dedicated Infrastructure

Customer data for all accounts are accessed via secure protocols such as HTTPS and SSH. Additionally, all passwords are encrypted on our servers and databases. We run a dedicated environment behind firewalls with constant internal and external monitoring. All software is updated regularly to ensure the latest security patches.

Rigid Employee Policies

The best security can be compromised without proper policies. At Beanstalk, only a select few have access to the servers where data is stored. We go to great lengths to ensure the right balance between support and a secure infrastructure. Employees can only access accounts or repositories if they have explicit permission from an account owner or administrator.

Brute-force login protection

Beanstalk detects multiple unsuccessful login attempts and automatically locks that user account and notifies the user of the access attempt by email. The potentially compromised login then remains locked until the user chooses to unlock it.

Advanced security options for our Business Plan Customers

Detailed Access Logs

For enhanced security on Business Plans, we provide an access log for the web interface, SSH and HTTPS access to repositories. If you suspect malicious behavior on your account, you can view this information directly inside Beanstalk.

IP Restrictions

Account owners on Business Plans are able to restrict their team’s access to Beanstalk’s web interface, repositories, and API. Whitelisting can be set on a single IP or a range of IPs.

Reliability & Redundancy

Curious about our reliability? We’re open about it. Check our status page.

Redundant Environment

Beanstalk contains redundancy in as many areas as possible to avoid and recover from failure. This includes a load balanced and sharded environment with automatic recovery on physical hardware failures. Our data center includes redundancy across all aspects of potential failure including network transit, routing, and power.

Data Protection & Backups

Customer data is stored across redundant disk arrays with high availability failover protection. Snapshot backups are performed every minute (yes, once per minute) to local and offsite backup servers.