Just launched: Code Review Our take on code collaboration for private teams.

“The very first day we started to use code review we caught two bugs. It only took a few minutes to spot them in review, but it probably would have taken multiple hours, over weeks of time, for the problem to have bubbled up through customer support, then be triaged and tracked down and fixed.”

Jake O’Brien, Flyclops Jake O’Brien, Flyclops, Co-owner, Mobile architecture and development

1. Rock solid Git and SVN hosting

Create and manage repositories and have your team up and running in minutes. Rest easy knowing your code is always available and secure.

No client required

Add files, create branches and edit directly in the browser for instant gratification.

Built-in code editor

Teams and permissions

Have full control of both individuals and teams by defining repository and branch level permissions. It’s flexible and works for organizations of any size.

Teams and permissions

Always in the know

Keep the entire team on the same page with notifications, email digests, compare view, and a detailed history of commits and files.

Commits activity

2. Code review that doesn’t lock you in

Every team is different, which is why code review should be adaptive to handle your specific process. Whether you’re a few developers or a team of a hundred, Beanstalk’s code review is the most flexible way to improve your teams code quality and help you consistently ship on time.

Fluid code review with every detail at your fingertips

Request a code review, assign reviews, and get to work. The review process is designed to start the discussion early and integrates directly with your branch, resulting in more feedback from your team.

History of code review events

“Code Review from Beanstalk has made us more comfortable letting outside development teams work directly with us on our code base. That’s introduced an opportunity to reliably and securely scale our workforce on demand, which we haven’t been able to do before. ”

Ed McLaughlin, Advertising Age Ed McLaughlin, Advertising Age, Director of Technology

Keep track of issues

Code Review allows for two types of feedback, Issues and Discussions. Comments that require a specific action are separated into issues so you know exactly what’s in the way of getting your feature approved.

Discuss changesets and branches


How much code review coverage does your repository have? Get an at-a-glance look at your team’s progress as more branches and commits are created and reviewed.


3. Instantly deploy code anywhere

Set it once and forget it. Your entire team can deploy features to your development, staging, and production environments on each push or with a single click. By using common protocols it supports any language or platform.

Deploy from Git or SVN repository to FTP, SFTP, Shell, Cloud Files, Heroku, Amazon S3 or DreamObjects servers, then notify your team through HipChat, Campfire or webhooks.

Enterprise security, performance and reliability

Secure infrastructure

All data to and from our fully managed environment is transferred using bank-level encryption. As a Type 2 SSAE 16 SOC 1 accredited facility, our data center contains keycard and biometric scanning protocols along with round-the-clock surveillance.

Full control

Through two-step authentication, detailed access logs, enforicing strong passwords and IP access restrictions you have full control over your account’s security.

Proven reliability

To ensure your data is constantly accessible, we provide redundancy at every device and service, along with both local and offsite backups that are triggered every sixty seconds (really!).

Git CDN: Blazingly fast from anywhere in the world.

Git CDN clusters in Chicago, San Jose, Virginia, Amsterdam and Singapore

Through geographically distributed data centers, your team will always hit the fastest servers, ensuring the best performance and response time when accessing your code.

From Amsterdam:

Git clone in Amsterdam from both our main data center and the CDN
Without CDN: 30.5s, with CDN: 16.6s (83.5% faster)

From Singapore:

Git clone in Singapore from both our main data center and the CDN
Without CDN: 43.5s, with CDN: 23.6s (84.5% faster)

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Beanstalk is run by Wildbit, a software company founded in 1999 in Philadelphia. We built Beanstalk to remove the hassle from hosting code and managing deployments, allowing teams to focus on writing amazing software instead. We’re profitable, debt-free and privately owned. Since 2007 over 100,000 companies both large and small have used Beanstalk to improve their development process.

The entire team here is truly committed to improving the way you write software. When you get in touch, you will not only hear from Dana and Matt from support. Every person gets involved to give you the best answers possible, whether it is from a developer, the systems team or Chris and Natalie (the founders). Get to know the team:

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