Finally, use Git to build & update your Shopify store. Get up and running in seconds.


“As one of Shopify’s largest partners, managing massive and complex sites can be challenging. Add in development, staging and production environments, and you have a tangled web of manual code pushing — a recipe for disaster. Beanstalk gives us enterprise-grade tools to manage daily releases on dozens of Shopify sites. Beanstalk made it so easy.”

Ariel Spiegel, Principal, SDG Ariel Spiegel, Principal, SDG

Seamless integration in a matter of seconds

Create new Shopify themes or import existing ones as repositories, and have your team up and running in no time flat.

Create new or import existing themes

Import existing themes

Turn the themes from your store into ready to use repositories and have deployments setup automatically for you.

Create new themes

Create new themes through Beanstalk based on Skeleton or Timber frameworks or on your own previous work. All will be ready to deploy when you are.

Turn your store theme into a Git repository

Keep track of everything that happens to your themes. Don’t be afraid to experiment, while keeping everyone in the loop. Rest easy knowing your code is always available and secure.

Use proven developer tools for your process

Now you can use branches, revert changes or review them with your teammates, and do so much more. You can also use your own code editor to make changes. These are just a few best practices Beanstalk makes easy.

Liquid templates

“Before we found Beanstalk, we had multiple developers touching our code and no staging environments to review and merge multiple branches. Beanstalk has really simplified our code versioning, the way we deploy code in Shopify, and has made it possible to seriously scale our development efforts.”

Peter Friis, ESSIO Peter Friis, ESSIO, Founder & CEO

Teams and permissions

Have full control of both individuals and teams by defining repository and branch level permissions. It’s flexible and works for organizations of any size.

Teams and permissions

Always in the know

Keep the entire team on the same page with notifications, email digests, compare view, and a detailed history of commits and files.

Commits activity

Deploy changes to your Shopify themes

You can choose to update your themes automatically on every push or manually when the changes have been reviewed.

Deploy changes from Git repository to Shopify theme, then notify your team through HipChat, Campfire or webhooks.

There’s so much more to Beanstalk

Code review workflow

Review the changes to all of your themes with your teammates and stop bugs before they become a problem.

Issue tracker integrations

Integrate with your favorite issue tracker or planning tool like JIRA, PivotalTracker, Lighthouse or many others.

Security management tools

Get IP access records, restrict access by IP, and enforce strong passwords. We even support 2-factor authentication for complete comfort.

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Beanstalk is run by Wildbit, a software company founded in 1999 in Philadelphia. We built Beanstalk to remove the hassle from hosting code and managing deployments, allowing teams to focus on writing amazing software instead. We’re profitable, debt-free and privately owned. Since 2007 over 100,000 companies both large and small have used Beanstalk to improve their development process.

The entire team here is truly committed to improving the way you write software. When you get in touch, you will not only hear from Dana, Chris, and Brian from support. Every person gets involved to give you the best answers possible, whether it is from a developer, the systems team or Chris and Natalie (the founders). Get to know the team:

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