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Beanstalk is a joy to use and has given us peace-of-mind knowing our source code is backed-up and stored securely!

Dan Counsell Realmac Software

I have little patience for the configuration headaches caused by SVN server upkeep. When you remove the need to setup, maintain and backup your repository, your team can spend more time focusing on making great software.

Tim Sabat Wufoo

Subversion packages that remove all the faffing.

.Net Magazine

Using a hosted service like Beanstalk ensures that you can recover from a hard drive failure or other catastrophe with very little effort.

The Apple Blog

My new favorite web service: Beanstalk … it’s a million-dollar solution.

Realmac Software

While many provide subversion hosting, no one does it so well.

Carlos Uloa Realmac Software

Leave experts to do what they are good at and get on with the stuff you are good at. Beanstalk is a great example of this. When work gets hectic and stressful I tend to start dreaming in the format of Beanstalk commit emails. I’m not sure this is all that healthy, but there you have it.

Adrian Sevitz vzaar

So far things have been great. I’ve been meaning to e-mail you to compliment the web site… in 12 years of development and architecture work, I’ve seen few systems like yours. The simplicity of the UI is unrivaled (with the possible exception of Google) and we’ve had no issues thus far. We will definitely recommend your site to others!

Shane Phillips

The website is beautiful, the interface is easy to use, and it just works.

Dave Young, Young Copy

So Beanstalk was a great fit for us, since we have development spread out it was a really easy way for us to maintain our codebase and integrate with our QA service (lighthouse). We weren’t forced to maintain a svn server and it is all very affordable. All in all we are very happy with Beanstalk, it fits perfectly with Flipshake.

Pete Flipshake

Immediate, 1AM response. Reliable storage and the best feature set among its so-called “peers.” BeanStalkApp has provided the most profoundly fantastic support and customer service I have received in recent memory. This service has inestimable value for any size of business; I’m running out of things to say, so I’ll end with this: BeanStalkApp stands proudly alongside the most trusted technology service providers in the industry.

Jeff, Sanborn Media Factory, Inc.

The migration from our own Subversion server to Beanstalk was seamless. You’ve helped take away a headache and in its place provide a reliable, quick and easy to use solution.

Daniel Rosewarne Realmac Software

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